Privacy Protection Policy

Privacy Protection Policy

Antex Corporation (hereinafter, “the Company”) considers that, in pursuing business activities, it is the responsibility of the Company to protect information (hereinafter, “personal information”), the disclosure of which may lead to privacy concerns for the customer or identification of the individual.

All personal information provided by the customer, including Web-, email- and phone-based inquiries, will be handled as follows.

  • Personal information is information that identifies the customer; it includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
  • When collecting personal information, the Company will disclose the purpose of information collecting and will collect only necessary information.
  • The Company will prevent personal information collected from being leaked or altered and will prevent unauthorized access to the information.
  • The Company will not provide or disclose the information to a third party, except:
    1. when there is an official written request for cooperation or information from an individual or organization with the legal authority to disclose the information
    2. when there is agreement from the customer.
  • If a customer wishes to review or modify personal information, the Company will accede only when the customer is identified by using the procedure specified by the Company.
  • The Company will comply with domestic laws and other rules applicable to personal information held by the Company. It will review the personal information protection policy so as to improve it as appropriate.

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