Facility Description

Takahagi 3rd Plant

This plant has an automated forging and heat-treatment line for mass production of 500- to 1,500-mm rings.

List of Equipment

【Steel Materials Cut Area】
  • NC Band-Saw 500mm 1Unit
【Forging Process Area】

Full Automation Production Line for Ring Forging

  • Automated Conveyer with Handling Function 1Unit
  • Automated Hand Cart 1Unit
  • Cooling Machine 1Unit
  • Loader・ Unloader 300kg 2Unit
  • Manipulator 300kg 2Unit
  • NC Hydraulic Press 1,500T 1Unit
  • NC Ring Rolling Mill 1,600mm 1Unit
  • Ring Loading Machine 300kg 1Unit
  • Roller Hearth Heating Furnace 1Unit
  • Rotary Hearth Heating Furnace 8T/H 1Unit
  • Supplying machine for Cut Materials 300kg 1Unit
  • Tempering Furnace 3Unit
  • Water Tank for Quenching 1Unit
【General Facilities】
  • LNG Production Facilities 1Unit