About Us

Message from the President

 Pioneering of the overseas market is the mandatory task that is important to us while business environment and surrounding manufacturing industry of our country are drastically changing. Our 1st overseas factory, ANTEX Shanghai that started production in 2004 is crowned with great success, and even for other areas we are doing research to find the most appropriate site for 2nd overseas factory. To pass on to our overseas factory the technical know-how that we obtained in ANTEX Japan and to establish a new production base are pressing business for us.

 On the other hand, the ANTEX Japan located in Takahagi city, having many superior engineers, will carry the role that is more important as a mother factory developing a new product and technique. I think that it is a mission of the mother factory’s staff to lead the world's factory by a new idea and high technology.

 For us in 2017 our 100th foundation memorial day will come around. I succeed the positive mind of the forerunners who extended business for a flexible idea to read the times and still bring about our product required in the world.

Yohei Ando,
President, Antex Corporation